A funny thing happened on my way to the Library…


Now that’s what I call a Poetry Slam…

Main Street


Cathi was the only girl I ever asked to a high school dance. She was cute and very intelligent.

I was fine with dancing in free style but the slow dance was my greatest shortcoming, as it still is. Then came the fateful moment in every 70’s high school dance when I would cringe and run for the door: they played Main Street.

I was dancing with Cathi. There was nowhere to retreat to. I fumbled as I drew her close to me, put my arms around her thin waist and felt her warmth. But the romantic mood would not last, for my feet soon became entangled in hers, as I had most feared. Must’ve stepped on her toes a dozen times. I thanked God when the music ended and I am sure she thanked Him more. She was a good Catholic but this had been too much of a scourging.

We kissed goodnight in the moonlight, but my self-esteem was shattered. There was no passion in that kiss. She found a steady boyfriend and I would be left to wonder if I would ever slow dance again. But, alas, there were many more toes to step on.

on the road to
Edo I stepped
on love’s toes

Eric M. Vogt, Copyright 2013

Thanks for the challenge: http://ligoeditions.wordpress.com/2013/03/16/ligo-haibun-challenge-and-we-danced/

Blankie Fight

When I was but a babe,
I was scared of the night.
Until it turned to day,
I would hold it so tight.

My bulletproof blankie
Would e’er keep me warm,
No matter how cranky
Or how frightened by storm.

I grew up as a man,
Met the greediest girl
Who conquered my bed and
Made my simple heart swirl;

For she takes my blankie
On the chilliest eve,
Doesn’t even thank me…
Who would ever believe?

My feet freeze ev’ry night
As she tugs and she shoves
And wins each blankie fight.
What a man does for love!

Eric M. Vogt
Copyright 2012