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Eric M. Vogt Copyright 2013

Eric M. Vogt
Copyright 2013
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A Special Reading by Eric M. Vogt of poetry from each of his published collections! Just grab your cup of coffee and click on the image!




I am very happy to announce that my latest collection of poetry entitled MOUNTAIN’S MORNING SONG is available in paperback at:



NORTH COUNTRY CALLS has been released in paperback!

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I am very happy to announce that my fifth book of poetry, NORTH COUNTRY CALLS, has been released in paperback. I feel it is my best collection written. 

North Country Calls and other poems

Authored by Eric M. Vogt

List Price: $6.99 5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32 cm)

70 pages

North Country Free Press

ISBN-13: 978-0615945521 (Custom)

ISBN-10: 061594552X

BISAC: Poetry / American / General

NORTH COUNTRY CALLS is the fifth published poetry collection by Eric M. Vogt. Written in an elegant style, it is reminiscent of poetry of a bygone age. It is actually three books of poetry in one. Book 1, “Of Love and Other Things Too Closely Held” contains verse of the deepest corners of the heart. Book 2, “A Spirit Untouched”, speaks of the highest things of nature and man. Book 3, “The Coldest War”, is poetry that speaks to the hearts of veterans and their loved ones. You are sure to enjoy this special release of Eric’s newest poems!

Available at:


5 Star Review of SO FAR BEFORE by Dora Snow

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I have read Dora Snow’s other two books, but her latest, SO FAR BEFORE, is one I literally could not put down. I received it this afternoon in the mail and immediately took Dora to dinner with me and read. She had my full attention, so much so that I have no idea how the meal was. Then I took her to a meeting of our local writers’ group and read her out loud. I took her home. I could not resist the temptation to take her to bed, where I devoured the rest of her.

SO FAR BEFORE is Dora Snow at her best. She is an eloquent and insightful writer. Her inner music is seen in every word she pens. She opens up the reader to the world of the dispossessed, the misunderstood and those who know indescribable pain. She bleeds as a Hemingway on each carefully chosen word of each verse of each poem. The heartache of loss she valiantly strokes to paper, and to this end she paints the songs of mothers, daughters, lovers and the psychologically burdened, sketching this illness as fine as can be done by pen alone.

SO FAR BEFORE is so far beyond other poetry of its genre. It is a must-read.

Eric M. Vogt