The Legacy of Roger Wolcott

Roger Wolcott is my 8th Great Uncle on my mother’s side of the family. He was a state legislator in colonial Connecticut, and eventually was named a judge, LT Governor and Governor. As a Major General, he led British colonial forces for CT in the invasion of French Quebec.

His son Oliver would eventually be a signatory to the Declaration of Independence and would be named the first State Governor of Connecticut. Several of Roger’s descendants would also be governors.

But the thing that most interests me is that Roger published one of the first volumes of poetry in Colonial America. He was apparently very defiant of the strict rules of contemporary poetry in his time. My sister claims that deep down in the roots of our DNA our family line sees similarities in predispositions toward trades and in personal histories. Judging from Roger, I must say that it is entirely possible. If anything, it makes for a good story!

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