The Dream

Eric M. Vogt Copyright 2013

Eric M. Vogt
Copyright 2013

We do not know what spurs such dreams
As tied and bound my heart last eve.
I walked a trail by trickling stream,
You far behind, my ev’ry need
Wrapped ’round your silence, eyes ablaze.

I yearned to yield, to turn my foot
To meet yours and to plant your smile
Upon my forehead, you the root
Of secret garden of soul; mile
Behind now, mind within a maze,

A love too true, too true, too true,
Its fire kindled, stroked with care.
Then heated breaths behind, and you
Dared with a courage I’d not dare
To battle through the dream’s dark haze

And hold me as no one before.
The kiss sealed our bond and our doom,
Opening up a mystic door
To life of danger, two-edged room
Of passion’s pour, like tragic play

Of Shakespeare, soldiers in a war
One cannot win, of need and sin
Which drowns from dawn ’til dusk and more,
We drawn as sword to sheath within
Where dreams reside and yearnings stay.

Eric M. Vogt
Copyright 2014

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