Song of the Faithful Traveller


Eric M. Vogt, Copyright 2014


I sit upon the hill of life,
My perfect piece of destiny,
Not pondering my every strife,
Nor wondering what world would be
If it were changed or altered such
To meet all of my inner needs.
It is enough to hold enough,
To see wide earth, to love, to breathe
Just one more breath; to snatch swift sight
Before life’s buried beneath mounds,
To know I’ve made one stand for right
And, faithful, my appointed rounds
Before the future fades to night…
And that I held, just once, this sight.


Eric M. Vogt
Copyright 2014

12 thoughts on “Song of the Faithful Traveller

    • We are ever on a trail
      Carved from crag we shall not tell,
      Poised to grasp for holy grail
      On rise at end of hill.

  1. there’s just comfort to saying yes to life whatever it has in store… to travel on and to have those little breaks where we breathe and ponder and then move on

  2. Reading this makes me feel like I’m standing on a cliff, arms outstretched, lungs open, and I’m just being, just breathing, just seeing. Thanks.

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